History of the Archibald Russell Centre

 A Brief History of Community Halls in Dennyloanhead 

The first mention of a Village Hall in Dennyloanhead is the use of the original Dennyloanhead School which was situated immediately to the east of Dennyloanhead Church.  This was built about 1800 and had functioned as a school until 1873 when the pupils were transferred to Longcroft & Bonnybridge Schools.  The school was used as a private house and village hall until some time after 1921. A new Dennyloanhead School was built in 1906 a structure of corrugated Iron and wood lined. The cost of the building was £685 and had a life expectance of 15 years.  This building was superseded by the build of a brick building with stone facings across the road and about 200 yards nearer to Longcroft. The Tin Hut as it was known then had a number of various duties being used as an extension to the new school and would appear to have been used as a welfare hall and other uses. In March 1949 the “Tin Hut” was offered to the community as a venue for community activities.The Tin Hut continued to be used as a Community Hall and was run by a Hall Management Committee.  In the late 90’s the condition of the hall was beginning to look its age and in spite of re-roofing and new cladding the interior was becoming well below an acceptable standard.  

  The Management Committee joined with another group looking at the amenities of the area and an approach was made to Falkirk Council for a new building.  Falkirk Council acknowledged the need to replace Dennyloanhead Hall but no funds were available to allow for capital expenditure required to replace the hall.  The Committee then looked for other sources of funding and with the help of a payment from Mr Archibald Russell of £100,000 they were able to get a grant from the National Lotteries Charity Board of nearly £300,000. Design and engineering was the responsibility of Falkirk Council  who supervised the construction as the committee’s appointed agents.  The Main Contractors were Hadden Construction Ltd and the Hall was officially opened by Mr Denis Canavan MSP on the 9th September 2001.  At last Dennyloanhead had a modern, state-of-the-art Community facility which met with the latest up-to-date requirements.

The Centre which is called ‘The Archibald Russell Centre’ is OWNED and RUN by the Community. Since its opening the Centre has been managed by a Dennyloanhead Community Hall Ltd a company limited by guarantee. Apart from the cleaning and weekend caretaking the Centre is run by volunteers.

There is a good sized car park with 30 spaces and also access to the centre is both wheelchair and puschair friendly.