Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Essays can use any topic and with any length. However, it should serve its main purpose, that is to persuade the readers with the viewpoint of the writer. Students are the ones who make use of essays often. It is part of their school work. Therefore, students need to make sure they know how to pick persuasive essay topics. This way, the essay that they will write will get the attention of the readers easily and they will read their work from beginning to end.
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Persuasive Essay Topics to Use

• 1. Dangers of consuming energy drinks
This is a topic that sports enthusiasts will be most interested with. There will always be an argument if energy drinks are dangerous or helpful for athletes. This topic can easily persuade readers if you can cite proofs and stories.
• 2. Which music era is the most influential
This topic will be interesting for music lovers. It is known that every generation will protect the trends during their years. This will give good arguments, especially when you choose two or three eras to compare with one another. You can cite records, sales, and popular musicians in each era.
• 3. Is it fair for pets to go through euthanasia?
Many will be interested in this topic since numerous people these days have pets. In fact, this has been a social topic that has brought in a lot of opinions and viewpoints. You can easily state your opinion on this issue and make it persuasive by getting the statements of others with the same side.
With essay topics that are persuasive, there are tons that you can think of. Students can easily research persuasive speech topics. It can be about animals, humanity, environment, lifestyle, sports, music, entertainment and so much more. In reality, your topic can be just about anything you can think of. It is just important to choose one that has a good argument and can get the interest of the readers. It should be something trendy, popular or controversial. And choose a topic you have knowledge about. This way, writing your essay will be easier.